From the Chronicles of Odysseus Murgatroyd, Episode 1


In six earwax-dissolving episodes, the Kingdom of Patria Storytime Radio proudly presents, in its inaugural production, the tale of Odysseus Murgatroyd and Turkey Beard’s original discovery of Patria…

“In Which We Discover a Tiny, Unknown Kingdom.”


Those of you on the cultural cutting edge who have already read Stout Hearts & Whizzing Biscuits will recall from that story the importance of a series of books called, The Chronicles of Odysseus Murgatroyd, Adventurer, as Narrated by His Faithful Potawatomi Scout, Turkey Beard. One of the episodes from the Chronicles that Oliver, Rose and Farnsworth read is called, “In Which We Discover a Tiny, Unknown Kingdom.”

It’s the story of Odysseus and Turkey Beard’s discovery of Patria in the early 1800s, and it’s bursting with intrepid heroes, beefy Viking women, and acute tummy upset due to a most disagreeable quail’s egg and porcupine casserole!

Ever wonder what it would be like to hear that episode yourself?

Wonder no longer! Simply click on the audio buttons below, and you’ll be off with Odysseus and Turkey Beard on their adventure! Episode 1 of the story is entitled, “Quail’s Egg and Porcupine Casserole Distress.” 


* The Kingdom of Patria Storytime Radio logo was designed by Francis McInerny

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